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Bill Ungricht, Founder and President

Bill Ungricht is the Founder and President of Legend Consulting and brings over 20 years of recruiting, talent acquisition, career development, and business development experience and leadership to the team. Bill has been involved with recruiting and talent acquisition from the entry level all the way to the executive level. Bill and his team are looking to make a huge impact in recruiting and staffing by personalizing the experience to help companies and individuals with their needs. Bill is a very family and community-oriented individual. His family always comes first and he loves to be involved in service within his community. Bill has been heavily involved within the Sporting and Energy Industries. Bill is a huge rugby fan and played collegiate rugby for Utah Valley University and competed for a national championship in 2008. Bill loves the outdoors and traveling. He has spent time traveling the United States, Canada, Mexico, and New Zealand and looks forward to seeing more of the United States and World! Bill’s vision for Legend Consulting is to make a positive impact for those individuals and companies that Legend Consulting works with to improve lives and companies for the better and long term.

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