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Human Resources & Administrative

Specializing in a particular area of human resources or in administration allows you to work in a certain area you like best, such as educating employees, negotiating contracts, dealing with labor law issues, and a lot more. In this role, you are responsible for understanding the needs of the employer and the employees equally.

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Human Resources and Admin jobs we fill

Training and Development Manager

Be responsible for the career development of employees. Organize induction and orientation of new employees; and develop training programs for all employees.

Compensation and Benefits Manager

Design compensation packages for employees while also being responsible for negotiating wages, bonuses or perks. Spend time ensuring that the company’s compensation and benefits policies are in line with the relevant laws and legislations.

HR Consultant

An HR consultant is an integral asset to any HR team. They are responsible for ensuring an organization’s capital serves the best interests of the company and advising on a number of issues within the company.

Executive Recruiter

Focus on and find candidates to fill executive positions within companies in a variety of industries. This job requires experience in doing extensive research.

Office Manager or Administrator

Ensure that the office runs smoothly and efficiently, which includes overseeing administrative staff members, handling basic office tasks, organizing meetings and databases, and handling correspondence.

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