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Tourism & Hospitality

Working in hospitality means cultivating unforgettable experiences for people all over the globe. In the U.S. alone, tourists spent $3 billion every day in 2018, according to the U.S. Travel Association. This included both business and leisure spending –– on travel and lodging, sightseeing, entertainment, and food and beverage. While certain holidays and vacation weeks tend to draw the biggest crowds, tourism remains a year-round industry. Many businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry operate all day, every day for the entirety of the year.

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Tourism jobs we fill
Events Manager

Meet with clients to create a vision for the events, work with vendors, venues, catering staff, entertainers. This intricate job includes obtaining permits for use of public space, working with caterers to feed hundreds or thousands of people, arrange entertainment, facilitate staffing, sales, and marketing.

Hotel Manager

Oversee the operations of facilities with their job duties determined by the size of the hotel and staff. Not only do hotel managers train and oversee staff, but they are often responsible for booking large groups and events, ensuring that catering operations run smoothly, and staying on top of maintenance and cleaning.

Attractions Manager

Attractions managers run operations that enhance visitors’ experiences. At a national park, for example, the attractions manager might oversee staffing and park ranger training, control crowd size and flow, and oversee safety operations.

Travel Manager

A travel manager works for a travel agency or large corporation to direct, operate and administer a travel program. Responsibilities include making travel arrangements for business executives and other staff members.

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