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Industrial & Manufacturing

The Industrial and Manufacturing industry produces products intended for industrial use from raw materials. Some of these products include different machinery, from huge industrial to simple household machines, as well as other products such as hardware, paper and packaging materials, glass, and other fixtures.

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Industrial & Manufacturing jobs we fill
Mechanical Engineer

These workers spend their time researching, designing, developing, building, testing, and inspecting mechanical devices. The devices they work with may include engines, tools, thermal sensors, and large machinery.

Plant Operator

A plant operator should have significant experience in their field and be very safety conscious. Their job is to oversee entire operations and ensure machines are working properly and employees are as productive as possible while remaining safe.

Assembly Line Worker

Utilize various tools and machines to assemble parts according to plan in order to create the desired product with consistent quality. Duties may include reading technical drawings/instructions, calibrating machinery, welding, and using power tools.

Quality Control Inspector

Ensure that products consistently meet or exceed the company’s standards. This is often achieved by spot checking products and monitoring manufacturing equipment.

Machinist and Welder

Operates and maintains standard metal working machine power tools, installs mechanical parts or assemblies, and works with pipes and fitting to weld components together.

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