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Job Seeker FAQs

Can your team help me with my resume?

Yes, our team is dedicated to making sure your resume stands out from the rest. We will help you format it, insert correct and appealing information, and get it sent to the correct companies.

How do I know which job is best for me?

Our team is excited to meet with you and learn more about your skills, interests, and aspirations. We are here for you to help you discover more about yourself and reach you potential in the workplace.

Do I need to have prior experience in the field I am interested in to apply for a job?

You will need to have some experience in the field that you want to go into, but it varies depending on the industry. We are here to help you make decisions that are best for you and your career.

Are there opportunities to grow out of entry level positions?

There are dozens of entry-level positions within each industry that have capacities for you to grow and achieve higher positions. Our team will help and support you through the decisions you make, and we’ll make sure you grow into the job you want.

Does your team assist people outside of the United States?

Yes, our team is happy to assist you no matter where you live. We have the right connections in the right places and want to give you the opportunity to get a job no matter what.

Employer FAQs

How do I manage recruiting on top of managing a business?

Our team will help you save the essential time and energy that goes into recruiting. We have the tools to provide you with highly qualified candidates, so you won’t need to worry about going out of your way to find them.

My industry is very niche, will I have trouble finding employees?

Here at Legend Consulting, we have experience with almost every single industry out there, no matter how unique. We are fully prepared to learn all the ins and outs of your business and are here to help you grow.

Can I schedule a free consultation with your team?

Yes, you can! Do so by giving us a call at 619-661-1675 or by emailing