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Business Development

Helping you grow your business

Here at Legend Consulting we help our business clients achieve the growth they are looking for. Our Training Academy screens inexperienced candidates for cultural alignment to your company and helps shape their work habits to yours, so that you can stay focused on your core business and hire the right people at the right rate.

Map out your vision

Potential candidates go through a three-step program involving online and physical assessments to make sure they are the right fit.

Set goals

Through a training course in a live technical environment, candidates acquire relevant soft and hard skills that meet your company’s recruitment requirements. Once they achieve the required benchmarks for your specific standards, they receive a verification of competency.

Create action items

Validated candidates possess the right skills and qualifications to carry out the job. The benefits of selecting our candidates is that we have discussed in detail the rate expectations ahead of time, so you can avoid over-inflated, market-driven rates.

Analyze progress

Legend Consulting partners with your company to fully understand your recruitment requirements and helps you onboard a culturally aligned group of workers with the right set of qualifications, motivations and work ethics from the start.

Let’s talk

Fill out this contact form or give us a call at 801-380-5372. It’s pretty simple: you need to keep growing and evolving. And it happens through new faces and fresh ideas in Telecom. Start expanding your network today.

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